Three Ways to Become a Better Marathon Runner

3 years ago

Getting involved in marathon can be a tricky thing to do, because you need to compete for a longer period. Even for many regular joggers, it is a struggle to run for 18 miles at a steady pace. Marathon runners are special breed of people. Although it doesn’t take a special genetic gene, you need to perform regular training sessions. It takes an awful lot of mental belief and hard work to ensure that you can be successful as a marathon runner. Without proper planning, it is nearly impossible to attain your goals. However, no matter how unfit you are, being able to complete a marathon isn’t 100 percent unachievable. Here are things that you should do

  1. Avoid getting caught up in simple numbers: You shouldn’t consider specific numbers as fixed goals. In reality, it takes trial and error to find a sweet spot. If you want to be successful in marathon, you should focus on quality, instead of quantity. There’s no use running 60 miles a week, if you run 50 miles of it at slow and unsteady pace. If you want to perform well in marathon, you shouldn’t only run far enough, but also at a steady pace. If you want to become a good marathon runner, you should know how manage energy and educate yourself. It means that even if you run for many miles each week, it doesn’t mean that you can become a good marathon runner, if you are not consistent enough. You should be able to run steadily without slowing down. You need to have more sensible goals, such as running 9.09 miles under four hours. This way, you can determine what pace that suits your physical conditions.
  2. Get enough calories: Running for many miles in a short time requires plenty of calories. You may feel quite good in the first 10 kilometers, but after that, your body may start to run out of quickly usable energy. One way to deal with this is by bringing a couple of gel while running. You should eat the gel after running for 7 or 8 kilometers. So, when you reach 10 kilometers, you already gain enough energy. Another way is to ingest about 150 calories every 40 minutes while you are running. So, if you will run for about 90 minutes, you need to bring at least a couple of gels. It is easy for marathon runners to get caught up and forget that they need to have enough energy. Proper fuelling is essential during your marathon. If you don’t have energy, months of preparation will be useless.
  3. Eat enough vegetables and fruits one week before the marathon: Nutritional intake a week before marathon is essential to ensure that you will perform week. You shouldn’t cram in healthy food only one day before the race. Successful marathon requires solid physical condition and you can’t achieve that overnight. The way you eat also decides whether you will have good physical condition. By eating enough vegetables, you will be able to achieve your goals in marathon.

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