The most dangerous exponential technology expansion chart to the year 2055 released by IFGICT

2 years ago
Lucas H. Parker
IFGICT exponential growth

We belong to a species that evolved through technological advancement and is trying to take over nature through this advancement. From the beginning of time, humans have been inventors they invented fire to warm themselves, they invented words to communicate and share ideas, they invented weapons to save themselves and get food, they invented vehicles to transport themselves and the journey of the invention is still going on. Many think we still have much more to explore and invent as we are only half there. Technological advancement and expansion have helped mankind to push boundaries and become the most advanced race in the known universe. However, there is not everything good about this expansion. 

During the start of the current year, IFGICT (International Federation of Global Information Communication Technology), the world’s largest ICT Federation published a chart depicting the technology expansion from the Transistor era of 1970 till today while also predicting the expansion in the future. 

This chart has urged many to believe that mankind is rapidly moving towards a dangerous era of Quantum Technology. The speed of expansion is exceeding projections and has raised awareness among many including the decision-makers.

The technological expansion started with 3.5% in 1970 with semiconductors and transistors and in 1990 it reached 5% achieving the micro-technology era. The acceleration went berserk with the new century and by 2010 expansion exceeded 5% with the inception of nanotechnology.

The chart predicts that with the current speed the technology expansion will reach 12.5% by 2030 due to the continuous process of innovation and expansion with every new day bringing new advanced technology.

The prediction also shows that by 2050 the expansion will reach 33.5% with Quantum Technology and 55% by 2055. The journey that started with micro-technology will in 8 years reach Quantum Technology and once there it will be out of control. We still do not have even a name for a phase that will start after 2055 we may reach the next 20% in 10 years and in 20 years after 2055, we may reach 100% of the technology as the acceleration will continue to increase.   

While this may sound exciting at the same time, it is also very terrifying. With the rapid expansion of technology challenges for mankind are also increasing and some of them are still hidden and we are not prepared enough to tackle them

Most importantly challenges for human health are increasing the primary goal of technology expansion was to create ease for humankind and increase life expectancy. In contrast, human health is facing new and innovative challenges with the most recent example of COVID-19 and the average life expectancy is also rapidly decreasing around the globe. Mankind has become too much dependent on technology and the rapid technological change is not entirely positive.

The acceleration of technology expansion is too fast and certain measures are needed to slow down this pace as mankind is not evolved enough to reach the Quantum Technology phase.