6 Ultimate Presents for Your Geeky Friends

5 years ago

Whether it is a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any other holiday, you are expected to give your relatives, friends, or sweethearts presents. In fact, both receiving and giving presents is rather delightful, if the present is truly great. However, how do you find a great present? Well, it seems like it is the task for MasterBundles!

MasterBundles is an online platform, which offers web design bundles to its clients as well as posts rather than useful articles on various vital topics. So as you have probably already guessed, MasterBundles came up with some truly amazing selections of the best presents for geeks. To be more precise, they posted 6 awesome articles, which highlight the coolest gift ideas for graphic designers, programmers, marketers, photographers, copywriters, system administrators, as well as other nerds.

So let us tell you about the best gift ideas for your geeky friends that MasterBundles came up with.

15+ Top Gifts for System Administrators 2019

In this article, you will find lots of cool gift ideas for system administrators. In fact, 15+ Top Gifts for System Administrators 2019 will help you get a better understanding of who sysadmins really are, what they like, and which particular presents they appreciate. For instance, the article suggests considering such gifts as COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Game Controller, PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets, Aroma Home Screen Wipe Pink Bunny, and Glasses for Computer Use. So if your system administrator is having some kind of a holiday soon, check out this very article and find the best gift for him or her.

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60+ Best Gifts for Graphic Designers 2019

60+ Best Gifts for Graphic Designers 2019 is that every article that will help you find the best gift ever for your graphic designer friend. The article explains what gifts graphic designers like as well as showcases more than 60 present any graphic designer will no doubt fall in love with. In particular, the article lists the following gift ideas: Impecca 100 Bamboo Handcrafted Keyword Mouse Combo, Griffin PowerDock 5, Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard, Monitor Stand Riser Computer Laptop Desk with Desktop Storage Organizer, Graphic Design The New Basics Second Edition, as well as many other cool presents. So check out this article real quick and make your graphic designer truly happy with one of those stunning gifts.

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60+ Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts for Nerds: Programmers, Copywriters, Designer, Developers

Yeah, we know that it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but why not think about a cool present for your geeky sweetheart right now? 60+ Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts for Nerds: Programmers, Copywriters, Designer, Developers is the very article that will help you find a stunning present for your girlfriend or boyfriend. For instance, the article offers such presents as Wireless smartphone charger, Smartpen, Little Vector robot, GoPro camera, and Smartphone camera lenses set. And don’t forget to pick up a nice postcard for your special one, luckily, this very article showcases some cool Valentine’s Day cards as well. So make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for your sweetheart with one of these amazing gifts.

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120 Best Gifts For Photographers 2019

If you have a friend who is a truly passionate photographer, then you definitely do not want to miss this very article. 120 Best Gifts for Photographers 2019 has more than a hundred gift ideas for such creative people as photographers. In fact, according to the article, among the best gifts for any photographer are GoPro HERO5 Camera, The Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70 Original Instant Film Camera, Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, Pixelstick Lightpainting LED Tool, Perfect Light for Selfie, as well as a hundred other awesome gifts. So if you have a relative, friend, or special one who is a photographer, this very article is definitely for you.

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35+ Gift Ideas for Marketers 2019: Weird, Amazing & Handy

It might surprise you, but marketers can be quite geeky too and this is exactly why this very article in this selection. 35+ Gift Ideas for Marketers 2019: Weird, Amazing & Handy is aimed to help you find a truly perfect gift for such an interesting person as a marketer. In particular, the article highlights over 30 awesome gift ideas for marketers including Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth, by Eddie Yoon, Moleskine Smart Notebook, LandingZone Docking Stations, and Epson BrightLink Pro LCD Projector. Besides, marketers will also enjoy creative postcards, various training, and workshop certificates, as well as concert tickets. To find the ultimate gift for your marketer in this truly great article.

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20+ Best Gifts for Programmers in 2019

Finding a decent present for a programmer is really hard mostly because they are the geekiest of the geeks. But don’t panic just yet, MasterBundles will help you out! 20+ Best Gifts for Programmers in 2019 is dedicated to the best presents for programmers, which means that you will for sure find something cool there. In fact, the article offers such presents as Laptop Stickers Pack for Developer, Eat Sleep Code Repeat Mug, Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station Dock and Organizer, Office Chair, Drone, VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk, and many more. So go ahead and read this article in order to find the best gift in the world for your programmer.

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Final Word

Finding a truly decent present is always hard, especially if you are looking for a present for a true geek. At the same time, seeing the happy face of a person you just gave a nice gift is worth all the effort. Luckily, MasterBundles can make the process of finding a good gift for your geeky friend much faster and easier, so go ahead and check out these articles real quick in order to be that friend who always gives the coolest presents!

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