4 Common Car Troubles You Can Face on the Road Trip

2 years ago
Emily W

A road trip is not a small thing and a lot can happen along the way. One of the problems you encounter may be with your car which can leave you stranded and calling for towing service. However, if you know what to expect you may be able to prevent it and have a comfortable journey.

Therefore, here are X common car troubles that you can face on the road trip, as well as some ways how to address and foresee them.

1.   Flat tire

The road tends to be full of debris, especially if there was a recent storm which carried all sorts of objects to its surface or materials falling off a transport. Mostly, this is benign, but in some cases, it can lead to a flat tire and cause you to stop to replace it. Another reason for this problem may be that your tires are old or worn out which you can easily check if you take your car for an inspection.

The technician may discover that the pressure is not appropriate and adjust it, or rotate your tires and assess if you need new ones depending on the trip and their state. Also, you can buy and install run-flat tires which enable you to continue driving at reduced speed when punctured and for a limited distance. Additionally, learn to change a tire and keep your spare in perfect condition which will save you money for towing service and let you continue your road trip.

2.   Out of gas

If you run out of gas, the important thing is to not panic and stop being mad at yourself. First, assess your car to see if you have been leaking gas along the way and call towing service right away if that is the case. But if you only forgot to feel in the tank or believed you have enough to arrive at the next gas station, you may need to ask for help from other drivers or hike to the fuel.

However, this problem is in most cases very easy to avoid. Simply stop at the next gas station after the fuel indicator light turns on. Also, always have a couple of gallons of fuel with you so you can use it to get to the nearest gas station or populated area at least.

3.   Windscreen crack

The windscreen is a tough cookie to crack but it still happens on the road. The most common culprits are flying stones and various debris carried by the wind or other vehicles driving in front of you. However, even if the crack appears small, it can still have serious consequences since the windscreen can shutter even more and collapse completely.

If this happens, look for the car windscreen repair immediately in order to preserve the structural integrity and mitigate potential safety hazards to you and other passengers. Not every crack is the same and the technician will decide whether they can repair it with epoxy or acrylic adhesive or do the whole replacement. In order to make sure that you go on your road trip with intact windscreen, examine it yourself and use magnifying class if something looks suspicious.

4.   Engine failure

Engine failure is the most expensive and worst thing that can happen to your car on any occasion but especially when on a road trip. The engine is the heart of your car and you need to pay close attention to its behavior and maintain it regularly. Whenever you see the check engine light is on you should take it to the shop to identify the problem immediately or the damage may become too big.

Before your trip, drive your car for a tune-up which will make sure that it is in perfect condition for a road trip. Usually, you may need to replace air and fuel filters and PVC valve, as well as replenish oil and water tanks.


Every time before you head on the road trip, visit the shop and let the technician check your car. Although common car troubles are easy to predict, there are others that can happen like faulty brakes or transmission which are easily taken care of during inspection. In case you face any car troubles on the road trip, don’t panic and call towing service if you can’t resolve the issue by yourself.


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