Things to Consider Before Choosing Blogging As A Fulltime Career

3 years ago
Warda Malik
Things to Consider Before Choosing Blogging As A Fulltime Career

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you crave flexible schedules and an independent lifestyle? Do you yearn for some handful of bucks? If you are keeping up with me even after the questions I have put in front of you, I am sure, you would also like to wake up in a hotel in hilly areas and you would still not be late for your job. 

You need not to be worried about strict schedules and following the orders if you crave or you have decided to be a blogger. Either you choose blogging as a hobby, part-time job or you want to pursue it as a full time career as BlogPakistan, you need to consider some of the things before you start. 

Subject of Interest: 

What are you good at? What do you find interesting? Is it literature, politics, fashion, technology or any other genre? Your interest puts you in a comfort zone where you enjoy your job. The subject of interest plays a primary role in keeping you motivated, striving to be better and achieving your target.

The subject of interest will make you learn new things, and you surely not only be excelling in your field but you also be improving and developing as a man. 

Writing Skills: 

A genre, either of your interest or of the audience, will never be effective if you are not producing unique, compelling and quality content. Thousands of bloggers must be writing in the genre you have interest in, and they must be having a handsome audience. As a blogger, you must develop a unique art of expression which must be simple but compelling at the same time, and you will certainly be achieving desired results. 

Keep in mind, your skills must adapt to comply with the requirements of the audience. 

Passion & Practicality:

Not every passion is worth pursuing. After you have chosen your subject of interest and have discovered your subjective art of expression, now it is time to judge the standings of your passion on practical grounds. Your subject of interest and passion may prove to be outdated. If you want to write on the topics of philosophy, you will never achieve a whopping audience. 

Your passion must be a subject of interest for others. This is how you will be developing your audience for a successful professional and financial career. After all, money fulfills our needs and is the singular solution to many of our problems. Money is the reason you are doing all this, isn’t it?

Time & Target: 

Be disciplined. Calm down! I am not asking you to wake up early in the morning or not to enjoy rainy evenings, but to make you understand that you are delivering enough hours to your work and writing blogs on a daily basis. It does not matter if you are writing blogs in the different phases of the day suiting the situation, however you must decide a certain time frame when you will be publishing them. Your discipline of publication will turn your blog into a brand. There must not be any sort of negligence in publishing blogs each day and you must be consistent throughout. Blogging is already giving you enough privileges and leverage. 

Patience has always been the key whether it has been locks of happiness or success. Blogging is not a shortcut or it will make you achieve overnight success, it requires consistency, discipline, patience and reasonable passion. 

Target is a primary factor in blogging as it keeps a person motivated, and motivation keeps you consistent, disciplined and patient. 

Black Hat Tactics: 

Shortcut is a lie, so do not believe in it. Let your words rule over the lips of people. If this write up has compelled your lips to read this word, I am certain that you must not be spamming your blog with links, and you will refrain from article spinning. 

The shortcut may prove effective for some days, but it will certainly bring you failure in the long run and Google Penguin will catch you sooner or later. No black hat tactics, mate! 

Future of Blogging: 

For choosing blogging either as a hobby or profession, you must be concerned about the future of blogging. With the consistent growth in literacy rate, cheap availability of internet and domination of cell phones, the consumption of content is certain and the future of blogging is more promising than ever.

The world of blogging is still deprived of quality writers in hundreds of niches. Would you like to feed the hunger of readers by delivering artistic sauces to your words curry?

What Else? 

Hundreds of thousands blogs are published each day but people have eyes on very few. Many better write ups do not ever hit the first pages of the search bar. In order to rank your write ups, you will need to learn SEO in order to rank your blogs to achieve a whopping audience. 

Do not forget about the finances you will need for marketing and designing your blog outlook. 

So which niche you would be writing about, tell us in the comments. Good luck and write quality blogs.