Summer Is Coming – Make Your Garden Ready For It

2 years ago
Emily W

Once the long and tedious winter has passed, the time has come to spruce up and revive your garden and prepare it for the warm and gorgeous season. Summer is the ideal time to put your garden gloves on and lush up your little backyard Eden so that you can sit outside in the summer nights and sip cold wine under the starlight. As the temperatures rise during summer months, you need to take meticulous care about your flowers and greens. In order to soak up the sun, you need to get your garden in shape for the summer months before you can indulge in all its wonders. All it takes is some extra after-work free time, diligence, and for you to take up these tips.

  • Mow the lawn

This might sound like something too obvious, but in order to keep your garden in shape, you need to have perfectly groomed lawn. The grass is going to grow consistently during summer months, and if you neglect it many pests, insects, and other repellents will start gathering. Not only that, but your garden will look nasty and neglected. With the first glimpse of the summer sun, make sure that you tidily mow the lawn. A beautifully mowed lawn is a joy to behold in any backyard. What is more, you can try aerating the lawn by using a for. Aerating a lawn will boost the grass’s roots to grow, improving drainage, and enabling it to soak up essential nutrients much faster.


  • Declutter the shed

During winter time, you shed may have been used as a storage space for skis, sleds or for other winter delights. If you have piled up your shed with mundane things, that chaotic mess is in an urgent need for a thorough cleanup. Basically, you need to sort out the things that you will need and use for summer gardening. Throw out the things that you don’t want to keep or simply don’t need. Check whether you have all the necessary tools for gardening. Restock your shed with rakes, brooms, shovels, pruners, and secateurs. Empty the entire shed, clean it out totally from the inside out, and then place the remaining items back in an organized manner.


  • Focus on tiding up the garden area

No matter if you have been using your gardening space before, every season you need to enrich the soil, landscape it, and tidy everything up in order to have lucrative results. If your soil is brown, enrich it with quality compost. Then, remove any weeds that have been languishing in your flower beds. If you have bins for soil, dirt, major tree trimming work, or if you generally need to hire skip bin for large landscape projects, Skip Bin Hire company has you all covered. By hiring professionals to perform the knickknacks removal you will easily get all the tidying done in no time so that you can focus on beautifying your garden area.


  • Prepare the planters and choose flowers

After you have tidied everything up, clear out the clutter, prepared the soil, you are ready to start planting flowers. However, before you start digging you need to figure out which plants would you like to have. It is good to know that flowers come in two major types: annual and perennials. Annual flowers are those that last for one season, or for one circular year meaning they bloom and die in the same year. Whilst perennial flowers live for many years. Even if they might die, their roots are still alive and dormant under the soil. Annual flowers will look splendid in your reshaped garden. Marigolds, pansies, and snapdragons can really open up the garden, make it feel cozy and comfortable. And the great things is that every summer you can change and plant new annual flowers and in that way have a new garden all over again. Perennials like peonies, daylilies, or purple fountain grass may look like shrubs, and they attract mosquitoes which is something that you don’t want during summer. So, choose wisely.


Maintaining the garden takes meticulous care, patience, and love. Don’t wait for the summer to do major transformations and always strive to take care of your little piece of heaven whenever you have free time.

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