Six auto defects that should be noted first

2 years ago
Lily B

Breakdowns on the road are extremely unpleasant. Especially when you are in a hurry or when you have dressed up and really do not want to get under the hood. It is easier to fix a car at home, in the garage, when there is enough time and when you can immediately think about an insoluble problem, where there is always a handbook at hand. Another thing is a breakdown on the road, abroad. You can avoid many difficulties when you hire a car. For example, when you use car rental Denver under 25 in the USA.


Nevertheless, when it is necessary to eliminate minor breakdowns, the usual set of tools would be enough. If there is a more considerable breakdown, you will have to reconcile and to be towed to the nearest car workshop. Here is a list of six parts of the car, which need to be often monitored in order to avoid troubles.

  • Brake system

Like any other moving part of the car, the brake system is subject to wear after a certain time. Brakes are vital for a safe stop. Therefore, when you notice any signs of problems, such as a squeal sound, or if, for example, the brake pedal becomes soft, you should visit an auto mechanic as soon as possible. However, most often, a creak or squeal suggests that something needs to be replaced in the brake system. As a rule, these are brake pads and brake discs.


  • Steering control

Numerous problems can cause the steering wheel jittering / rattling while driving. If this happens immediately after starting the engine and starting driving, the wheel bearings or damaged components of suspension may be the cause of the steering wheel jitter. If this happens at higher speeds, this usually indicates a problem with wheel balancing. In any case, the best way to find out is to visit an auto mechanic, who can correctly diagnose the problem and solve it.


  • Cooling system

Any breaking in the cooling system of the engine most often leads to a complete engine failure, replacement procedures or costly repair. However, it is still save to continue driving with a minor coolant leakage, in case you are maintaining the proper antifreeze level. Nevertheless, with such defects, like a broken cooling fan or a thermostat, it is almost impossible to reach the nearest auto repair center on your own – overheating of the internal combustion engine and the aforementioned repair will be needed.

  • Fuel system

Any damage of the fuel system is crucial for your safety. It means that any breaking of piping or connections requires immediate repair. The thing is that there are many parts of the car that become very hot while you drive, and even the smallest amounts of fuel getting on them can cause a spark and an ignition.


  • Transmission

With proper maintenance, an automatic transmission can operate more than 300,000 km without problems. A modern automatic transmission is a hydraulic system consisting of several oil seals, gaskets and lines that may be damaged, clogged with debris or be leaking. To avoid this common problem with the car, follow the recommended scheduled maintenance for automatic transmissions. For example, change the oil and filter in the automatic transmission in a timely manner.

  • Power supply

A breaking of the generator and the battery charging system cannot be ignored. Of course, it is possible to drive for about 30 km using the charge accumulated in the battery, but no longer since, in modern cars all systems are powered from the on-board network. Therefore, when you see battery icon on the instrument panel (the red battery warning light), you should remember that this is one of the substantial reasons to stop at the nearest car service.


Of course, the described defects are not the whole of what may turn out to be an unpleasant surprise on a trip. Never lose your temper in such situations, always first think about the signs and possible causes of malfunctions. If you consistently consider incorrect assumptions, then you will most quickly come to the goal and gain the necessary self-confidence in understanding your car.


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