Seven Benefits of Adaptogens for Athletes

3 years ago

Athletes need to put so much hard work to achieve success. They seek to become stronger, faster and more capable than ever before. Physical issues can happen, because athletes need to push themselves further and perform better. Adaptogen substances can help your body to achieve more. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. They don’t cause crash: Unlike with caffeine, you can last longer with adaptogens. Caffeine will overload your nervous system. Energy drinks with caffeine and sugar will give you a boost, but they push your organs to work harder. It means that not only your muscles are tired, your internal organs will be tired as well. On the contrary, adaptogens increase the capacity and ability of you organs naturally, so it can adapt to external pressures. So, you can increase physical capacity, without the annoying aftermath.
  2. They reduce recovery time: Physical exercises and matches can be really exhausting. So, it is important to improve the overall recovery time of your body. Because your organs are not overworked, you will recover faster. Adaptogens also increase the breakdown level of lactic acid, so tiredness and discomfort will ease much faster.
  3. They increase HGH production: Human Growth Hormone or HGH is essential for physical growth and it can also help physical activities. After regular physical activity, HGH will help to increase your muscle mass. Adaptogens increase HGH production by boosting your pituitary gland. HGH also slows down your aging process, ensuring more youthful appearance and better physical condition.
  4. They increase oxygen intake: During physical activities, adaptogens increase oxygen intake. If your body absorbs more oxygen, your endurance and energy will be boosted.
  5. They reduce stress hormones: Regular consumption of adaptogens will reduce stress hormones in your body, before, during and after physical activities. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in our body. They are useful for pushing your body more to gain extra performance. However, just like caffeine, cortisol has side effects. You will experience increased worries and stress. If cortisol level is consistently high in your body, it will affect your mental condition. Increased stress will be a daily occurrence, contributing to unnecessary risk taking and even depression. For athletes, the pressure of regular training, demands and competition can be stressful. Adaptogens can help to ease your mind and you will perform much better.
  6. They cleanse your organs: Due to regular physical activities, risks of internal issues will be elevated. Over-training will progressively weaken your internal functions. Sports are supposed to make you healthy, but excessive physical activities can be damaging. Intense competition may force athletes to work harder and harder, until it becomes strenuous to their bodies. Often, this is an inescapable fact and athletes are demanded to work harder. To ease pressure, you should clean out your vital organs. So, when your body works hard, your organ can remove waste easier and they will continue to work well.
  7. They improve mental performance: Adaptogens can increase your mental foundation. You can do things better if you are alert and have mental clarity.

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