Reasons Behind The Fame of Instagram Model Claire Abbott

1 year ago
Gary B

Instagram has rapidly emerged to become a platform that serves a million people with a place they can discover the entire world at. The much-acclaimed social networking application has been definitely behind the flourishing careers of a lot of people as at times, with just one post, a person takes the entire social media by storm and becomes famous like never before. With the growth of people getting access to the app, the chances of an influencer to grow big and get successful are also increasing.

From a gigantic number of Instagram influencers and models, today we have decided to introduce you to the very gorgeous Canadian Claire Abbott who has been a complete outsider to the industry and got such huge support entirely because of her struggles and hard work without the use of any celebrity source that makes her better than a lot of Instagram models out there. A very simple and a wonderful lady, Claire Abbott has managed to gather a huge fan following in a very limited time because of her consistency and dedication towards excelling at the field of fashion. In this article, we are going to present our views on the main reasons that we believe brought her this success.

The most important thing that we believe played ultimate role in her growing fan following was obviously what she posted. A person only gets recognized when what he/she does connects with the masses. Claire’s posts and captions have been very relatable with the general public and so with their shares, likes, and comments, the model grew to become a renowned figure. Be it a fashion advice, a fitness mantra or food lifestyle, she definitely knew how to get her due share of attention.

A person becomes extremely attractive if he or she is completely comfortable in his or her own skin. This one thing really helped Claire out since she is always about self love and self acceptance. Her random posting and her carefree self connected her with the general public who were definitely tired of all the fakeness an average Instagram model showcases for the sake of few likes and Claire appeared to them as a fresh odd one out and so they kept following her.

If you are a model, you can only get true fame if you are known on social media platforms and that can only be assured if you have intelligent managers doing all the required stuff for you to make you popular on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Claire has been lucky enough to be blessed with managers who posted the right stuff at the right time and so they clicked instantly. She was initially only active on Facebook and Youtube and once she got her due share of attention there, she came to Instagram and within a few days grew a following which can easily be considered a very sane move.

On a lighter note, behind every million followers, there are a huge number of fake accounts contributing to make thousands turn into millions. Of course, the model herself wouldn’t have asked for it nor done that but there definitely are fans who go crazy over their favorite influencers and do every possible thing to make their following grow. One such thing is making fake fan accounts which do nothing except for following the model and definitely appear good for someone who is checking out a person’s profile for the first time.


A general perception these days is that you can be famous only if you are friends with or have some good relationships with people already popular. However the times are changing and people are moving to prioritize talent over nepotism. Claire is a complete new person having no sources with big names in the fashion industry and did everything on the basis of her own amazing talent which serves as another major reason for people to look up to her journey and get motivated if they are planning to pursue careers in modeling or in fields related to fashion.


Last but definitely not the least, we believe that the fashion sense she possesses is outstanding and praiseworthy for all the right reasons. She has been constantly defying the odds in this particular thing too and has always come up with the trendiest stuff for people looking up to her for her distinctive taste in fashion. Be it a classy bomber jacket or a plain Leather Jackets, in short everything she wears, she pulls it off with utter finesse and is inspiring for people reluctant to try different things.

As she once said, ‘The fit of clothing is so important! Whether you’re wearing a tailored suit or jeans, if it fits well, it will look expensive and stylish. Have all your measurements taken accurately and remember that different brands fit differently, so you may need to go up or down a size depending on the brand. Also, don’t be afraid to try new trends and styles, and no matter what clothing you’re wearing, rock it with confidence’.
Take notes everybody and implement what the rising star has got for you all.

Conclusively, if you have will you can do everything without the support of anyone already famous. You can get your talent recognized if you are really passionate about something. Claire Abbott is a great example for all those struggling models out there.

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