Luxury Holiday: 5 Premium-Class Resorts in Mexico

2 years ago
Lily B

Holidays in Mexico are always bright, vibrant and very noisy. 5-star luxury resorts are ready to take you to a real paradise on earth, while exotic rent a car in Mexico will allow you to travel, complementing your high status with a nice-looking car.

If you are a fan of high-class relaxation, then local resorts will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions. The colorful culture of Mayan and Aztec civilizations with their bloody traditions and pyramids, graceful colonial architecture, excellent beaches with clean sand and developed infrastructure, as well as a variety of coral reefs – what else do you need to get a luxurious vacation in Mexico?

The following resorts are a great choice for those who are used to the best in everything.


Cancun is the most famous sandy luxury resort in the Caribbean. This is a classic tourist bouquet with white beaches, as well as emerald green and turquoise waters. However, this resort is suitable not only for a lazy beach holiday, but also for a more active pastime. Do you want to go surfing? Different sections of the coast are suitable for both professionals and beginners. Planning to catch the largest marlin or barracuda and write your name in the book of legendary fishermen? Welcome to Cancun!

An extravaganza of water entertainment is intercepted by diving – Cozumel coral reefs are considered to be almost the most beautiful in the Caribbean. The remains of the Mayan civilization in Xcaret are in perfect harmony with the uninterrupted neon animations at giant hotels. In the neighborhood you will find the secluded Xel-Ha Nature Reserve, where you can get a unique opportunity to swim with turtles. Not far from it are noisy nightclubs and the best restaurants in Mexico.

Playa del Carmen

The once-unknown fishing village suddenly turned into one of the most popular and fashionable resorts in the Caribbean. European chic is very harmoniously combined with a cheeky party atmosphere. Snow-white sand and warm sunshine provide the resort with thousands of guests all year round, and ecotourism fans like to visit local national parks to at least briefly immerse themselves in a riot of true tropical nature.

For the fans of more intense relaxation, seven-hour tours are organized in the local lagoons and bays, as well as underground rivers. At night, you can stay on the island and join the rhythm of a local folklore accompanied by a torch show, or you’ll be able to go on a night cruise on one of the luxury ships. Tequila on such ships never ends, and the colorful Caribbean rhythms continue to break the silence of the night until dawn.


This resort town is known for two things – the most fully preserved ruins of the Mayan civilization and the most prestigious hotels in Mexico. At the junction of two eras and world cultures, there’s a tiny Indian settlement in which folk crafts are still preserved. Exotic, archaic and rustic colors united there, creating an amazing cocktail. Tulum is also often chosen by divers: clear water and a colorful underwater world are sufficient grounds to go to this resort. Excursions by local guides will help you find out that the name of the modern resort once meant ‘wall’ or ‘fence’.

This name is well deserved, because the ancient Mayan city is still surrounded on all sides by ramparts, and steep cliffs whose thickness in some sections reaches eight meters. All this made the city practically impregnable. In addition to urban structures, the so-called temple of frescoes, in which unique antiquities are preserved, has also been preserved on the territory.


This relatively small town was tightly sandwiched between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It would seem that this is the most ideal place for a complete secluded vacation. However, people come there not only for the sake of snow-white beaches. It’s enough to find out what the name of this resort means, and everything instantly becomes clear.

The ‘tortoise place’ fully justifies its fame – two of the six species of sea turtles currently known to science live here. There are practically no waves on this stretch of coast, and the sand is very clean. It’s for this that these ancient reptiles fell in love with Akumal.

Beach areas are divided into three components. The central beach is an ideal installation on the theme of a modern beach holiday with luxury hotels and developed infrastructure. The jade beach is more deserted and there are often strolling couples, enjoying panoramas of sunsets. The northern beach belongs to fans of snorkeling and scuba diving, since a coral reef lies parallel to it.


Tours to Nayarit are always popular among tourists due to the high standards of service in local hotels, developed infrastructure, clean beaches and exotic local cuisine. The name of the state itself is already setting in a positive mood – ‘sunny’ or in some translations ‘the son of God’. This land really seems blessed by the sun. Its main city Tepic is the clearest example of layering of cultural traditions.

Despite the fact that the city doesn’t give the impression of a place overloaded with architectural monuments or ancient buildings, a trip there will allow you to more fully experience the Mexican flavor by exploring the local cuisine, talking with locals, attempting to try yourself in traditional crafts or even take part in one of the most unique festivals.

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