How to Make Children More Resilient Mentally?

3 years ago

Resiliency can be defined as the ability for people to bounce back, regardless of strike them. Resilient people can take whatever that comes their way and learn from it. Resiliency should work well in any difficult situation. It is something that parents can teach to children. Children should know how to integrate resilience into their daily existence. They can continue completing their tasks, despite external influence. Through resilience, children can shine brightly and have the courage to step up. Parents should know what kind of model that should be used for children. Parents may reveal the easiest path, so children can have the most effective journey in their lives. One good method is to ask children to internalize and show them that there’s no problem that so huge that it can’t be solved. Children should know that they can handle anything that life throws at them. If children are convinced about this, they will become more capable and they are more confident in doing, whatever they want to do.

In reality, people are born resilient and they don’t need to learn a lot on how to become resilient. It’s automatic and part of the self defense mechanism. Without resilience, people won’t survive and gain resources for their well being. We have heard how people managed to overcome incredibly horrific situations. There’s nothing that can change our situation, except when we are sure about our ability. Unfortunately, external thoughts and opinions could undermine our innate ability to stay resilient. Parents should encourage children to dig deeper and find the strength that they need, so they can make changes immediately. Children shouldn’t play the role of victim and feel sorry for themselves. They shouldn’t have the victim mentality, which may cause self pity. This is not a productive situation and children could be in a worse situation than before.

If you want to make your children to become more resilient, you need to focus on their creativity and resourcefulness. Human beings are blessed with imagination and we have the ability to think. Creativity feeds our mind and makes us more confident. With creativity, we don’t only survive, but we can also thrive. Children will no longer take things for granted. They will focus on their resourcefulness to find various solutions to their problems. This will bring them to the positive direction. Parents should guide children to help any situation at hand. People who are creative are generally more resilient, because they can always create something useful from existing resources. Parents should encourage children to think outside the box and do things in unexpected ways. If children are able to do this, they will feel more powerful. Children should be assisted to reconnect to their resiliency and they should have a strong connection with their inner self.

Children should know what they are doing and always try to rise above others. Life will become more challenging for them and they need to become hardy adventurers throughout their lives. This all starts with parents providing support and guidance when children encounter their very first challenge in their early years.

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