How to Keep Your Children Excited and Busy?

3 years ago

It’s now the time to get busy and put down the remote control. Many children are trapped in their inactive daily tasks. Many children are reluctant to do things outdoors. For this reason, you should consider doing various indoor activities. There are various fun physical activities that you can do inside the house. As an example, you can ask children to collect items on the floor to make everything looks tidy. Arts and crafts can also be performed inside the house. You won’t spend a lot of money when buying paper, colored pencil and paint. Make sure that the paint can be easily be wiped from the desk or floor, so you can let children do anything they want. It’s also really fun to prepare food each day. You should let children to get involved when cooking. As an example, you can ask them to prepare vegetables and mashed potatoes. You can let children to create fabulous decorations on their foods and encourage them to be imaginative.

There are plenty of simple ingredients that children can use in the cooking process, such as chopped nuts, oats, dried bread and yoghurt. Children can do the number games and this will help children to learn to count. Children can be asked to count objects inside the house. As an example, smaller children can be asked to count the number of chair legs. When children count habitually, it can be quite surprising how they inventive they are. This is an activity that any child can do easily and it will be easier for them to do arithmetic problems later. Sometimes the simplest games are the best ones. You may use snakes and ladders board game to encourage children to count too. Let them throw the dice and count how many steps that need to take. Even this current digital era, children will still love to interact with real objects that they can touch, instead of dragging and tapping on the phone screen. Parents can also be creative to, so they can make fun games using only paper.

Once children feel comfortable when doing fun activities, you can start doing various outdoor activities. A simple activity would be to paint with water. It’s a no-mess activity that you can do easily during a bright sunny day. You may use brush and dip it into the water. Use the brush to paint a sun-baked wall. Children will love to draw anything they want with the brush and you only need to wait for a while until the wall dry again. Another simple outdoors activity is by making cast of tracks and imprint in the soil. Children can make cast of pet footprints or their handprints. You only need casting plaster, cardboard box and a small spade. Children will be glad to have exact replicas of footprint and handprint. These casts can be painted with various colors, so they will become impressive artworks. After doing both activities, parents can encourage children to explore the outdoors environment.

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