How to Keep Our Brain Healthy?

2 years ago

It is often said that along with other organs in our body, our brain decline as we age. It is no longer be able to function as accurately, quickly and efficiently. In reality, even for elderly people, their brain is still very active. It still makes new brain cells to replace old ones and establish new neuro-pathways, as elderly learn new skill or recover from stroke. It’s possible for elderly to stimulate unused areas of their brain, by learning to play musical instruments and focus on abstract creativity. As brain develops more pathways and create more neurons, it will perform better, allowing proper memory retention, focus and mental reflexes. Many of us focus more on our heart, lungs and liver, but not our brains. Brain is responsible for our heartbeat, breathing, touch, hearing, balance, smell, sight and other functions that are essential for our survival and well-being. Because brain is critical to our lives, we need to give it special attention, so it would work efficiently. It means that our whole body will function and regulate properly.

Brain cells are made from healthy fats. We need to make sure there’s ample supply of healthy cells, if we want our brain to function properly. Omega 3 is the primary fatty acids, that’s vital for our brain to grow, A good source of Omega 3 is oily fish, flaxseed oil and others. Other nutrient, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium, iron and folic acid. Other than from healthy foods and multivitamins, you can get favourable nutrients from herbs as well, like ginseng and ginkgo biloba. If you want to keep your brain healthy, it is a good idea to increase the intake of antioxidants as well, such as red phytonutrients, purple phytonutrients and CoQ 10. Consume dark purple and bright red foods, like beetroot, purple yam, purple grapes and tomatoes. Alfalfa, spiralina, wheat grass and barley grass contain strong antioxidants that can help you maintain the condition of your brain. Free radicals are particularly damaging to brain cells, which may degrade cognitive performance and increase the risk of various degenerative problems, like Alzheimer’s disease.

Antioxidants are especially crucial, because proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to our brain can be properly maintained. With good brain performance, we can achieve mental clarity, good memory retention and other essential brain functions. Neurotransmitters are natural substances in our brain that can help to deliver signal between neurons. Our body constantly produces neurotransmitters, but this requires proper intake of nutrition. Neurotransmitters are made using various proteins, like acetyl l-carnitine, dlph-phehylalanine, l-tyrosine and l-tyrosine. These substances are found from natural sources. Ample supply of neurotransmitter is essential, if we want to maintain proper brain functions. It is not a good idea to resign yourself to any common belief that the decline in performance is inevitable. It’s true that our brain is affected by age, but we can keep the effect as low as possible. Other than good diet and natural supplements, elderly people should keep their mind active to keep neural pathways working at peak performance.

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