How to Choose the Right Style for Your Bathroom

2 years ago
Emily W

Chances are, you already know what you want to do with your bathroom design but just don’t know how to pull it off. “What is the right style for your bathroom” is the first and hardest question you will ask yourself before the renovations start. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience in the interior design or not, you will still spend some time over this one.

So, to help you resolve this conundrum, here are some of the ways how to choose the right style and get the bathroom you always dreamed of.

1.   Plan your budget

No matter the extent of your renovations, you should always plan your budget before asking for the assessment from a renovator. That way, you will be able to negotiate right on the spot and know what is achievable on your budget. On occasion, this may mean that you will have to compromise on certain things which can affect the kind of style you want.

Therefore, a luxury style will be more expensive than the traditional one, although it will mainly depend on the materials and furniture you use. Nevertheless, always put the quality first so the bathroom would last longer and not require any consequent works which will create additional expenses.

2.   Respect the overall home design

There are certain things you simply shouldn’t do and that is to go against the overall design of your home. While you don’t have to respect it to the detail, you need to make sure that your bathroom is not in a completely different style than other rooms. For example, if you have a classic style all around with wood as predominant material, then you should include wood in your bathroom as well.

Minimalist interior design will bring order and clean lines, while hygge will be all about comfortable features like rugs, chairs, and cushions in your bathroom.  Of course, you can use other design than the one present in the rest of your home, just make sure that the styles are not clashing with each other to avoid tackiness.

3.   Decide on what is the bathroom accommodating

Reasons for renovations vary from upgrading the outdated style to creating your own Zen retreat to relax after an exhausting day. The reasons may define the style so make sure you really thought through why the renovations are happening. The best way to define a style for your bathroom is not to separate its aesthetics and functionality.

While the main purpose of any bathroom is for hygienic needs, it can also serve other purposes at the same time. You may use it as a selling point when you put your house on the market, or to pamper yourself in a spa ambiance. Also, if this is not a private bathroom, you will certainly want to leave an impression on your guests so that will play an important part when deciding on the right style.

4.   Define the materials

Sometimes the style will define the materials, but also it can be the other way around. For example, wooden elements are for more rustic and classic styles, while marble is better fitted for a luxurious one.

Stone has been a trendy material for a few years now and basically, any style can incorporate it in one way or another. So, always listen to advice by experienced renovators like Go Build Renovation who know how to pair materials with your wishes and rest of the home. Brass faucets give a polished and sophisticated look to a vintage or elegant bathroom, while silver ones are more for modern design.

5.   Choose your color style

When choosing the color for your bathroom, start by eliminating the ones you don’t like or find inappropriate for your bathroom. Beige and pastel tones are perfect for spa style and will go well with natural elements like plants or earthy colors such are orange and brown. On the other hand, floral prints will bring out cozy and casual vibes of the country style which is all about highlighting a personal touch.

Keep in mind that walls and floors are not the only things you need to think about when it comes to color. A standalone black bathtub will be a focal point of the whole design and a statement of impeccable taste and extravagance.

In the end

It may be a challenge, but in the end, you will choose the right style for your bathroom. Just don’t rush the process and find a trusted renovator who will answer all your questions and help you stay within your budget. Additionally, be open to compromises since some may not be avoidable while others might be better solutions for your bathroom which will give you more than you imagined.

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