How Athletes Can Endure Hardships?

3 years ago

Some athletes tend to underestimate themselves. This could happen if they listen to naysayers. There’s a drastic different between people who are confident and those who underestimate themselves. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm if you are underestimating yourself. People have different viewpoints and for some of them, your goals may appear to be too ambitious. Some people may simply have the intention to make you feel bad. In reality, people don’t have power over you. We give them power only if we comply to what they say. Focusing on the comments of others may cause your goals to be misdirected.

You should ignore contrasting viewpoints and never allow people to dictate what you can and can’t do. There are many potential athletes who are second guessing themselves based on what others tell them. If you think that sports are about instant gratification, then becoming an athlete isn’t for you. Professional athletes know that it’s about delayed gratification. They need to work hard before they can results. They need keep on working, so objectives can be met. As an example, you may need to lose some weight, before you can achieve proper pace. So, you need to achieve one goal at a time. Because there are many tasks that you need to achieve, it may be necessary to have mental fortitude and patience. Many people don’t know what they are capable of. There’s no magic formula for achieving success. Depending on your goal, it may take 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years to achieve it. You should know how much hardship you are willing to cope and how patient you are. Also, make sure that the goal is important enough for you.

Some people plan to be successful, but they don’t know what to endure and how long. During this period, failures could potentially happen and you need to always focus on your objective. We can guarantee what will happen tomorrow, but you need to always work hard to go after your dream, even when you don’t feel like it. There’s no waiting for the right time, today is already the right time. It is about doing an action or not doing anything at all. You just need to endure just a bit longer. Failing may feel like a bad thing, but it’s actually a progress, if you learn from mistakes and know how to improve yourself.

From any activity and result, you should seek lesson that you can learn. Consider whether results will be different if you do it somewhat differently. Top athletes never quit, just because they fail to meet goals the first time. If you continue on doing it, progress will be made and you are at least one step closer to your goal. You should have the mental fortitude to stay persistent. You should feel joyful when a goal has been achieved.  Each athlete may have different aspirations and goals, but persistence is something that they need to have. One effective way is to gather with like-minded individuals, so you can support one another.

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