Four Ways Runners Can Reduce Costs

3 years ago

For many amateur runners, money is tight. It’s true that running is free and it’s among the cheapest form of sports. But, it could be costly, if you are not careful. Sports watch, running shoes and the rest of the outfit can be quite expensive. In fact, if the marathon event is located far away, it will add up and become quite costly. Here are ways marathon runners can reduce costs:

  1. Run locally: Running locally could save a lot of money. Ask around for local marathon events in your area. Often, you don’t need to pay for accommodation, if the event isn’t too far away. If you know someone who lives near the location of the event, you may ask whether you can stay over. Who knows, perhaps you can get waffle and eggs for breakfast. If you don’t know someone, you may sleep at the car for a night and take a shower at the gas station.
  2. Travel cheap: If the location of the event is too far and you can’t drive there, then you may need to travel with bus or airplane. Plan the most direct and cheapest route. Marathon events are taking place around the world, so you should choose the most affordable ones. Events in Asian and African countries are often among the cheapest. Always compare prices and find out whether you can get special prices.
  3. Always pay cash: Credit cards and debit cards are convenient, but they can be expensive. Credit cards are especially risky, because you will accumulate interest. You need to save your hard earned cash and don’t go into huge debt over sports activities, especially, if you can still run for free in your local area. If carrying cash is risky, it’s acceptable to use debit card. However, you need to control yourself and avoid splurging for something that you don’t really need. Avoid debt like the plague.
  4. Get quality items: Getting quality items can be the best financial decisions. Shoes, clothes and other running gears can be quite expensive. You focus shouldn’t be on price, but on quality. Choosing something because it’s more affordable or more expensive isn’t the best buying decision. Get something that provides the highest quality for the amount of money that you can allocate. A running gear may have decent quality, but due to its highly popular brand, the selling price can be more expensive. A very common mistake is to buy the cheapest gears available. Not only that these gears will be damaged too soon, but they can also be less ergonomic. Injuries due to poorly designed running shoes can easily happen, especially if you run for 7 miles non-stop in a humid condition. Injuries will impair your progress and you may not be able to participate in subsequent events. Don’t choose something that looks nice, but focus on comfort and ergonomics, while ensuring the highest possible performance. It is a good idea to listen to fellow runners, so you know what to choose in the store.

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