Five Health Risks You Find At Home

2 years ago

Home is the place for us to relax and it’s a safe haven for many of us. It should be a great location for spending time with the loved ones, as well as, recharging each night. However, the very place where you look for peace and comfort, can actually make you seek. Here are some of the risks that you need to be aware of:

  1. Toxic Cleaning Products: It is a fact that a healthy home is a clean home. But, in our effort to clean up home, we may introduce a host of toxic chemicals into our home. Anti-bacterial products may rely on poisons that not only harm germs, but also cells in our body. In fact, some cleaning products could contain active substances that are derived from pesticides. When choosing cleaning products, you should read the labels to make sure that they don’t contain many toxic chemicals. It’s true that you may not be able recognize most of the chemicals, but you can learn about them with simple searches on Google. Alternatively, you can make your own cleaning solutions, with safe ingredients like tea tree oil, vinegar and baking soda.
  2. Unhealthy Bedding: You should know that your bedding can be contaminated with various chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Due to improper manufacturing process and selections of materials, your pillow and bedding could release small amount of formaldehyde constantly. Constant exposure may cause problems like allergic reactions, wheezing and even severe illnesses. To reduce risks, you should use bedding made from organic materials with little or no synthetic additives. When choosing bedding and mattress cover, you should make sure that the natural ingredients won’t cause allergies. As an example, bedding made from raw cotton could cause problems to some people.
  3. Poor Indoor Air Quality: Poor indoor air quality can affect your health permanently. A simple way to solve this is by improving the air circulation, Poor air quality can happen during winter, when it’s not possible for you to let the indoor air circulate. In this situation, you may need a HEPA air purifier that can block very small particles, including germs and fungi spores. It’s also useful during summer to remove pollens, dust, dander, toxic chemical vapor and bad odor from the interior.
  4. Non-filtered Water: Water easily dissolves many things, including heavy metals, parasites and chlorine. Contaminated bathing and drinking water could cause unwanted effects to your health. Many people think that tap water is perfectly safe for drinking, however, chlorine, fluoride and various chemicals may be bad for your body, if they accumulate at high enough level. A good way to solve this problem is by installing a primary filter at the main entry pipe to significantly reduce contaminants. It is also necessary to further filter the tap water, for safe drinking.
  5. Electromagnetic Radiation: Electronics are already integrated into modern lifestyle. We use computers, smartphones and television each day. We need them for work and entertainment. In many cases, we rely on them for daily activities. To reduce risks, you should make sure that these devices emit as little electromagnetic radiation as possible.

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