Family Road Trip Packing List: What Not To Pack When GO BY CAR

2 years ago
Lily B

Your family road trip is going to be the best and the most enjoyable. There can be two types of road trips. You can travel by your own car or use rental car. Thus, exotic car rental in Omaha will help you to find a car to see all Nebraska attractions. You don’t need a big car and heavy valises if you don’t plan to go far. But you need to pack more stuff if you are traveling to the far end of the country. There are so many questions in your head now. You think of where to go and what to see in Omaha. Also, you think of a good hotel to stay with your family. How about packing? The road trip packing list is needed when you want to have a smooth trip. But before we check it, let’s come back to your rental car.

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Everyone is excited to jump in the car and have a fun road trip. But there is something you should check before the trip:

  • Have you checked your rental car?

It is a usual thing to check your car before the trip. Don’t miss it! The last thing you need during the trip is get your car broken just in the middle of the road. How much time are you going to waste for reparation or car exchange? That’s why it is recommended to check the car before you take it for rent: oil change, fuel, tire pressure, body breakages. Make sure your car is in a perfect condition.

  • Do you have a car emergency kit?

This is the first thing that must be in your car when you are going for a trip. That would be great if you don’t need it. But accidents still happen. Just take some medications, a blanket, extra clothes, and some food, money, charger and store the package in the trunk of your car in case of emergency.

  • Do you have a copy of your car insurance, documents, valid credit card?

You need a driving license and a credit card to take a car for rent. Keep your rental contract, money, and other documents in a special place. You may need it.




Too much luggage can spoil your vacation. Also, if you are going to pack your best and precious things, you may suddenly lose them. Here is a list of things you DON’NEED during the trip.

  1. You don’t need jewelry

Traveling with kids you should plan many different activities. You will probably spend more time outdoors than indoors, playing, swimming, enjoying your time together. You don’t need your expensive jewelry. Even if you are going to stay in a luxury hotel and dining in the luxury restaurants, leave your golden watches, diamond rings and necklaces at home. You will be always looking for a place to hide them in safe. If you insist on bringing expensive jewelry for a special occasion, don’t wear them anyhow. Just wear your watches and rings just before the wedding or night party. After that, keep them in a safe box.

  1. You don’t need many gadgets

These days people can’t live without their technics. Sure enough, you need some extra gadgets when travel with kids to keep them busy for some time. But don’t overdo. You don’t really need a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, a couple of e-books, and many other useful things. A modern smartphone is multifunctional. It is small in size and easy to take with you every time you leave your car. A couple of kiddy apps will help to entertain your kids.

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  1. You don’t need designer luggage

Designer luggage is usually very expensive. You can’t take all your dresses from Burberry or brand bags and shoes with you every time you leave your car. Is there any other way to protect them from thieves? Leave them at home!

  1. You don’t need too many clothes

Of course, you don’t need too much clothes when you are traveling. Many people prefer layer clothes. It is comfortable for hot and cool weather. Traveling with kids you definitely need even more clothes for them. You have to change it very often. Speaking about adults, pack half the clothes you are planning to take. It is better to take more money to buy if you need something special.

There is a list of traditional items you have to take with you. Don’t worry if you travel with kids. Your packing list is going to be a bit longer. But it’s ok! Just check your luggage once again and make sure you didn’t pack anything that is not recommended to take with you in a rental car.

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