Cheap and Tasty! Lunches in Miami for Less Than $10!

2 years ago
Lily B

What do you think, is it possible to eat cheap in Miami? It doesn’t matter why you are in the city, for business or leisure, sometimes you have to eat in the local cafes and restaurants. Traveling to Miami, you can make a search and find a way to save money on different activities, including food, hotels, car rental. Of course, it is said that the car rental is the most money-taking point in your budget. Can you rent a car in Florida uder 25 for cheap? Using online apps, you can find a good cheap car, compare prices from the different websites and finally, pay online for the car. It would be even cheaper that paying at the rental counter. The same is about food! You can easily find good but cheap places to eat with your partners. You don’t have to break your bank account for lunching. In fact, there are several options for less than $10.


Let’s save money on foods

  • Do you think that the only way to save some money of food is to go to the fast food restaurant? What about your business partners? You can surprise them with your choice! You are in Miami! This multinational city has tons of opportunities to eat for cheap. Even luxury restaurants are available! You can visit them for happy hours to get good meal for affordable price. Just know where to go!
  • It is not surprising that Miami restaurants have special loyalty programs for guests and return customers. If you order a lot, you can get a sale for dinner. If you come back to the restaurant, you can score three or even more lunches for free every month. As a rule, sales and bonuses are listed on the restaurant website.
  • Count! It is not necessary to order one or another dish. Many restaurants have special dinner sets with three dishes included. It is cheaper to buy a set than a separate dish from the menu at a full price.
  • Watch restaurant specials. Every restaurant has weekly specials. This is one interesting dish which goes for cheaper price once a week.

Bankrate Happy Hour


There are many interesting and atmospheric places in Miami where you can eat. Here are the restaurants where your business lunch will never make you cry for money.

  1. Filia South Beach

Welcome to the restaurant of Italian food. The price for your lunch consisting of 2-3 dishes will cost you about $20. What to taste? You should try beef meet balls, ribs, or tuna tartar. What’s for desert? Try tiramisu! It is delicious!

  1. Gianni’s

You can find this atmospheric place when you are driving along the Ocean Drive. This is the best place for lunch and the cheapest here. A three course lunch will cost about $30. The most popular dishes you should try are spaghetti alla chitarra, aromatic roast chicken, and mushroom risotto.

  1. Toro Toro

Toro Toro has an interesting proposal for lunch! You can order a lunch on the go for $20. It is not difficult to choose at all. They have a special menu for each day. For example, you can try seafood on Mondays and BBQ treats on Fridays. Check the lunch menu of their website!

Summer BBQ

  1. Cantina La Veinte

This restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine. The lunch will cost you about $20. You can find national Mexican dishes cooked in a new way. Have you ever tried tacos with dorados and chicken mixed together? Keep in mind, the lunch for tasty prices is available at noon till 5 p.m. only.

  1. Pelican Rusty

No doubts, the name of this atmospheric restaurant is familiar to you. Of course, this is the most popular lunching spot in Miami. It can be difficult to find a place to eat here. There are so many people around! But lucky you if you could find a place and have your lunch for $30 only! A three course meal will consists of salad, main course dish and a desert. Try chicken salad with rum!

  1. M House

The cheap lunches are available from Monday till Friday. It takes about $27 per three-course menu. People come here to taste different grilled dishes and free appetizers. The choice of deserts is big!

South Beach Ocean Drive

  1. La Moon Cafe

Go to the 8th street to visit La Moon. Unbelievable! The lunch here will cost you about $10! Of course, it will be the only one menu position, not a three course meal! You can order everything from traditional American cuisine like hot dogs, hamburgers, skewers. What about the lunch specials? Come here on Thursdays. They serve braised beef with potatoes, exotic yucca, and a rice salad. The location of the restaurant is favorable for people working in the Brickell business district.

  1. Spris

Go to the Lincoln Road to visit Spris! You can try the best pizza in Miami here! A small pizza and a salad will cost you about $10! Visiting the cafe at a lunch time, you can get the cheapest price. You can order Margherits for $6!!!

If you work in Miami or come here in business, you can find a good place to lunch for cheap. And you don’t have to eat fast food at that! Don’t forget that Miami is a unique city with many world cuisines. Forget about fries and burgers! Try something new!

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