Bird Control Methods in Sporting Venues

2 years ago

In sports venues, we often see herring gulls descend on the stadium to dive bomb on fans and players alike. They are after ketchup-drenched hot dogs or our crisp French fries. Insects and food that fans bring into the stadium often attract wild birds that are seeking for their daily meals. Bird problems are quite common in open-air sports facilities. The location of the stadium may contribute the problem, especially if it’s located near large bodies of fresh water, such as rivers and lakes. Annoying pigeons, sparrows and starlings may disrupt any sporting event. They may roost inside the structures, resulting problems of poor hygiene and cleanliness. Birds may stay inside the building for the seasons. Once, they are entrenched inside the structure, they will become more stubborn.

Birds are not just annoyance; they may also cost your business each year. In sports venues, bird droppings and nests are unsightly. They require regular cleanups and repainting of the walls. It takes plenty of time and effort to cover up all the mess. Droppings are somewhat acidic and when accumulate, they may cause rust on metal objects and weaken walls. Watch for roofs, skylights, windows, air conditioning units an rotating air vents that can be affected by bird infestations. Wild birds may also carry dozens of transmissible diseases. The situation can be troublesome enough that stadium management resort to violence by hunting these birds down using BB guns. They may bring their guns to the stadium to pick off some pigeons.

However, directly killing these wild birds may not be the most efficient way. They fly very fast and nimble, making it difficult to defeat them. In fact, by eradicating one bird species from your stadium, you just make a room for another bird species, because your sports venue has been transformed into a comfortable place for breeding and nesting.

Fortunately, there’s a more humane method for removing these pesky birds from your venues. If you plan to take up arms against these flying invaders, you should choose an effective method. Products designed to remove pest birds may vary in scope and price. They may be called as bird repellent or bird deterrent products. Bird deterrents are designed to keep birds out of your stadium, using physical barriers, such as bird spikes or netting. When choosing netting, you should make sure that it’s durable, waterproofed and can withstand strong wind.

Bird keeps are intended to keep birds from nesting in your structure. They are straightforward install. Check for areas where birds may potentially enter your structure and install bird wires. They shouldn’t be visually intrusive. Good bird wires should combine low maintenance with low visibility. If you are dealing with particularly stubborn bird species, it’s a good idea to use electricity to give these invaders mild shock, without harming them. After repeated shocks, you may finally able to deter birds from entering your structure. If pigeons often gather in the fields to hunt for insects, you may use aerosol mist to disperse them.

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