5 Overlooked Security Issues at Home

5 years ago
Emily W

Even if you’ve done everything you could possibly think about to ensure that your home is safe, it is possible that you overlooked something important. Of course, you don’t want to act paranoid and lock your doors with seven locks and then put empty beer bottles on top of your doorknobs like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. There is always that reasonable fear that your house is not safe enough, but there are also elegant solutions to change it and improve your home security.

Complete coverage home cameras

The most usual weakness when you use cameras to secure your house, are the so-called ‘blind spots’ and uncovered angles. Seasoned burglars and thieves know different ways how to use them to their own advantage and enter your house where and when you least expect. The most affordable systems cover only main entries and hallways, leaving your side doors, windows, and your basement completely vulnerable. This is why you shouldn’t try to save money when investing in cameras, because you want to get a reliable and not affordable system. Another good trick is to place 2-3 cameras on top of your house or in the tree, so they can catch the entire plot from above, in case the burglars manage to disable one of the more obvious ones.

False alarms are still alarms

Having your alarm system go off every time your pets walk around in the middle of the night is a pain in the neck. This is the reason why some people calibrate sensors in their alarm systems, making sure their pets don’t trigger them and cause false alarms. Unfortunately, most thieves and burglars are also aware of this fact and they use it to their advantage. If they crawl, alarms stay silent, so it’s not uncommon to have a break-in even when you have an alarm system. Ensure that your sensors are professionally calibrated, even though it means that you will have to deal with more false alarms. This way, you will ensure that all your security equipment works well and that it’s properly maintained.

Reset your passwords more often

Sadly, most people are lazy and don’t want to remember new passwords when they register to a new website or get a new pin when they change credit cards. This is why they make two common mistakes: the passwords they use are very simple (usually a geometric shape or a sequence of numbers that’s easy to remember), or they pick a good password and the keep using it for a long time. It can also happen that they keep using the same password for different purposes – social media, e-mails, bank accounts… There are ways to crack codes and passwords, so make sure you change them on a regular basis because it will keep you and your home safe.

Accidents may happen

The more complex your system is, the higher the possibility of stupid accidents happening. We quote professionals from Res-Q locksmiths: “We have seen it all.” Possibilities are endless; you can find yourself locked outside your own house and you can’t unlock your doors, you forgot your alarm code, you left your keys in your car, and your spare key as well as your car key in the house, while the alarm system automatically locked your door when you left. If you find yourself in such situation, you should call a reliable locksmith before you make some damage to your doors or try to violently enter your home through the window.

Smart homes

One of the potential solutions to the previous problem is making your home “a smart home” by connecting it to the internet. This basically means you will be able to control everything in your house using a simple mobile phone or PC app. At first it sounds genius, having an option to unlock your doors, open your fridge, or turn the air conditioning using your phone, but there are those who doubt that it is perfectly safe, as it can be hacked or abused by unauthorized users.