4 Ways to Tie the Knot the Unconventional Way

2 years ago
Emily W

Of course, you want your wedding ceremony and reception be unforgettable, not just for you but for your guests, too. It would mean you need something unusual and unexpected, something that your guests will talk about for years. It should be something all of you will cherish for a long time.


Cute wedding invitations

Invitations should be an overture to everything your guest will experience at the ceremony and reception. They should announce a very special day for all of you. You could play with their shape – why should they be rectangular? You can even put them in a balloon full of confetti and glitters.

Of course, there are many theme invitations you could choose if they suit your style. You can go with the vintage style or you can opt for a message in a bottle with sand if you are planning to have a beach wedding. You can make it fun by choosing edible invitations – maybe they won’t last but they will make your guests smile for sure!


Quirky, casual details

We all know that weddings are very formal and that no one would show up in sneakers for this event. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spice up the ceremony by adding quirky details that will add a bit of fun. You can ask the guests to dress up in white, while the bride can wear a red dress, for instance. Or you could choose a historic period as an idea for decorating the venue, for example, Baroque or Renaissance.

And should you wait to enjoy the music at the wedding reception? There is nothing more soothing and magical than a harp playing at the ceremony. Or maybe you could book a pianist and give a touch of romance to the whole event. And then you encourage your guests to sing along after the ceremony is over or even to stand up and dance to a fast piano composition. It’s a cheerful event so why not celebrate it immediately, right after the kiss? Another way to mark the moment you say “I do” is to organize a petal toss after you’ve added a bit of glitter spray paint on the petals. Once the petals are tossed in the air, it will make a great photo.

Reception venue

Every good party needs a proper venue. It means that it would be best if your guests, tired after the party, could have a place to stay in the venue and spend the night. It’s best if the reception could be at some type of resort where anybody who wants to spend the night has that option available.

This brings us to another option – if you want your closest family and friends to remember your wedding for the rest of their lives, then why not organize the whole event on some paradise island? Your wedding is a one-time event that deserves something magnificent, so let it be something really magical for all of you? If you start browsing your options on time, you could even find affordable Bali wedding packages that would offer you and your guests a complete enjoyment without having to worry about any detail at all. Packages like this on a beautiful place will definitely make sure that your wedding is one of a kind.


Don’t neglect your guests

When it comes to entertaining your guests at the reception, we can all agree that a photo booth is a bit of old news these days. Try out something different to keep the guests entertained. For example, you could hire a caricaturist who will give your guests their pictures to take home. A good laugh is always welcomed. Or you could bring a tarot card reader – adding a bit of magic, mystery and fun is what will make your wedding reception different.

Guests will definitely remember your wedding if you have something special to give them as a thank-you gift. Giving them some plants will definitely mean they will get a gift that would last for a long time. Succulents are the best option as they are easy to take care of and they look fun and quirky. If you put it in a cello bag (make sure it’s higher than the plant), it will definitely survive the ride back home.

Final words

Some wedding ceremonies and receptions get forgotten pretty easily. Many of them simply blend into one another because they didn’t have anything unique to offer. The tips above will ensure that your wedding ceremony and reception are memorable for everybody involved. Your special day will truly be special for you, your spouse and all your loved ones.

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