4 Tips for Small Business Event Planning

2 years ago
Lucas H. Parker
4 Tips For Small Business Event Planning

The first question that comes to mind is: Why should small businesses even hold an event? The answer to that question is easy. Business events are an ideal place to showcase your business and brand and to attract potential customers.

However, in the beginning, hosting an event might seem a little daunting. From the budget planning and organizing to the fear that people won’t come to your event, at first all of this can be nerve-wracking.

The whole point of hosting a business event is to attract new costumers by creating a successful event. To present your business in the best possible light.

That’s why we bring you a couple of tips on how to plan a business event for your small business.

Event planning

The first important thing is to have a clear objective of the event. The purpose of the event and the target audience should be defined at the beginning of any planning. Having a clear idea of why you are hosting the event will significantly help both you and your team.

The next in line is the list of all the necessary things for making a successful event. From the location to the small details such as decorations and music. Everything matters. Putting everything on a list will help you with planning your budget and further organization of the event.

Budget Planning

Having a thorough financial plan will make your life a lot easier. Most events are paid for by the sponsorships, marketing budget, and ticket sales – that’s why it’s important to secure sponsors and put the tickets in presale in advance. The rest of the event planning will largely depend on the interest that people show in your event.

Most of the funds will go to the organization of the venue as well as food and drinks. This is another reason why securing sponsors first is a good idea. Sponsorships and partners can save you a lot in terms of a budget.

Keep in mind schedules and time. Many events depend solely on perfect timing. Make sure to never organize an event close to holidays or vacation times.


Once you have all the above figured out, next comes the marketing plan. Making a good marketing plan is everything. Use every recourse given from media to social media – everything counts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – all offer great advertising options that can help you reach out to your target audience easier than ever.

Additionally, for good marketing, it’s important to make sure that the guest and attendees are having a good time. For this reason alone, ambience and entertainment are a serious matter. Whenever there’s a certain gathering, people love taking photos – that’s why having a photo booth in your event is a great idea. Party photo booth hire is perfect for any occasion, plus there are benefits of having a photo booth in your business event. Photo booths are a great opportunity for networking – meeting new people and chatting casually. It’s also a great marketing tool – everyone will be able to see the photos from your event in no time. This way you will not only be advertising your event but your brand too.

There are many interesting and inexpensive ways to have your event advertised. You just need to find what suits you and your business best.

The Event Day

When the day of the event finally arrives, the most important thing is to make sure that your attendees have a great time and experience. Present your business in the best way possible, answer questions, put on presentation and asses the situation and attitude of the audience. Also, try to look comfortable in your own skin. Wear something smart and distinctive, something that will make people remember you.

And always keep in mind why you are doing this, what is your ultimate goal.

In the end, no matter how difficult and daunting event planning might have looked in the beginning, it all comes down to having a perfect plan.

Regardless of how small or big, your business is, the outcome of the event should always be the same. Keep in mind that partnerships and sponsorships are important. Also, good marketing is half a job done. Don’t be afraid to host your own event, be positive no matter the number of attendees you have. The success of your event should be a priority to you because the reputation of your brand and business depend on it.

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