10 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling a Car to a Car Wrecker

2 years ago

It’s not every day that a person has to make that call to a car wrecker. This explains why people don’t really know the right thing to do in these situations.

Often, people will make mistakes. Thus, they might need a little help.

In this article, you’ll find several common mistakes that people make when selling a car to a car wrecker. Check them out below so that you can inform yourself should you be needing the services of a car wrecker in the future.

1. Accepting the first offer

When it comes to any sort of negotiations, it’s important that you not accept the first offer that you get. It’s the basics of any negotiation tactics. If you’re not in any hurry to get rid of the car, then make sure that you get the most money that you can get from the car.

Of course, you have to be realistic with the price. Otherwise, you might never get rid of the car.

2. Not knowing the value of your car

Speaking of negotiating, how could you negotiate right if you don’t even know the value of your car? Before you even think of calling up the nearest car wrecker in your area, make sure that you do some precursory Google searches to find out how much your car costs.

If you don’t do this beforehand, you might find yourself getting much less than you deserve for the car you’ve sent away.

3. Paying for the car removal price

There are plenty of car wrecking services that may ask you to pay for sending your car their way or they may ask you to hire the towing services yourself. If they, in any way, ask you to rack up additional costs in terms of removing your car, then you might not be getting the best service.

There are better companies out there that won’t ask you to pay nor lift a finger to remove the car from your lot.

4. Not checking the car wrecker’s reputation

There are several ways you can look into a car wrecker’s reputation. It’s much easier to do it these days as you can read reviews online.

There’s no excuse not to know about the reputation of a car wrecker. By checking the reputation of a car wrecker before you avail of their services, you are making sure that you avoid hassles in the transaction.

5. Forgetting the proof of ownership

According to https://cashmycar.co.nz/, no matter to whom or where you’re selling your car, it’s important that you don’t forget to settle the proof of ownership issue. This ensures that the transaction is all legal. Plus, it helps protect you as well.

You wouldn’t want to be held responsible over what your old car gets into when it’s out of your hands.

6. Skipping the car cleaning

Before you sell your car, make sure that you get it thoroughly cleaned. How your car looks will affect a lot in the sale.

By having it sparkling clean and looking brand-spanking-new, you might even get a higher price for it. Plus, it’s good etiquette to give them a clean car for the transaction.

No regular cleaning, by the way. Make sure you get it deep cleaned.

7. Failing to remove your personal belongings

Once you’ve gotten rid of your car, there’s no guarantee that you can see it again. Thus, you should make sure that you give it a solid once-over. That way you don’t end up losing a couple of valuables that you forgot were inside your old car.

Don’t rely on other people to notice that there are personal belongings left in the car or you might be disappointed.

8. Making huge repairs

If you plan on selling your car for a higher price and get it repaired, you’re unlikely going to get the results that you want. Instead, you’re only adding expenses for yourself. What you should do is inform that car wrecking service of the status of your car instead.

9. Not choosing an eco-friendly car wrecker

Look into whether a car wrecker is eco-friendly. After all, if your car is going to be wrecked, it may release a lot of damaging materials in the environment. Thus, you would want a car wrecking company that knows how to manage and handle that without damaging the environment.

10. Receiving money through cheques

When you sell your car through a reputable car wrecker, it’s often that you are paid via cash. If you are going to receive the money through cheques, you have fewer guarantees to get the money that you deserve for selling your car away.


By knowing more about the common mistakes people make whenever they sell a car to a car wrecker, you should have a smoother transaction. Plus, you can get the most out of the car that you’re selling. You won’t end up having a hard time and just get the cash that you want after selling the car.

Should you ever have to get the services of a car wrecker, make sure that you don’t do the things listed above.

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