10 Amazing Places to See in Maryland FROM THE CAR!

2 years ago
Lily B

Maryland has many interesting things to offer to everyone. The state is big and rich in historical attractions. Just keep your eyes open! You can start your trip from the Baltimore luxury car rental as it is the biggest city in Maryland. The choice of cars is very big here! And you can easily find what you want for your price. The road conditions are good and you will be impressed by the historic highways and scenic views traveling from the city to city. What do you expect from your trip? Do you like architecture, arts or food and wine exhibits? You can find everything here!




  1. Go to Cambridge to see Spocott Windmill

This amazing building can be easily found in Cambridge. It was built in 1972 to be the most weird and original mill in the country. What makes it so original? Pay attention to the millstone, steps. What is more, pay attention to other historic buildings nearby like a schoolhouse, village cottages dated by the 19th century. If you like history, you are at the right place, if not, you can make brilliant pictures.

  1. Go to Frontier Town to see Muffler Man

Do you want to see anything exited? Go to see a giant Muffler Man. If you are an experienced traveler, you’ve probably seen tones of these huge figures before here and there in the state. They usually stand along the highways like silent guardians. Why? This is a kind of advertising from the local repair shops. They came from New York and now you can meet these bright figures all over the America. Here, in Maryland, you can meet Muffler Man in the Frontier Town and at the gates of the Ocean City.

28th Street Sunset June 09, 20101


  1. Go to Baltimore Harbor to see Bromo-Seltzer Tower

Meet the tallest building in the city, at least it was so in 1911! You can see it from everywhere! What is its function? This is the place where local artists work and organize their studios, exhibitions. The tower welcomes visitors every Saturday for open hours.

  1. Go to Savage to see Bollman Truss Bridge

This bridge can boast its rich history. It is situated in Maryland, Savage. This is the last example of a railroad bridge remaining from the revolution. The bridge was built in 1869 to connect the railroad from Baltimore to Ohio. Today, this is an old construction to help tourists to cross the river. No more trains here!

2008 05 15 - 1412 - Savage - Bollman Iron Truss Railroad Bridge


  1. Go to Waldorf to visit Little Vegas

Everyone wants to visit Vegas at least once in life. It was the time when Maryland was known of its casinos and restaurants where people could spend their time till morning. Of course, there is nothing to be compared with real Las Vegas now, but still you can see neon signs, remaining from the 50s, 60s.

  1. Go to the South to see Patuxent Wine Trail

It is time for you to leave your car on the parking spot or find a nondrinking friend to drive you to the South of Maryland. Right here you are on the wine tasting trail. You will go through the farmyards, wineries, situated along the trail. You can see the shoreline, admire the stunning views around, and taste wine. Also, you can buy some wine for present.



  1. Go to National Harbor to see Awakening sculpture

Have you ever seen the picture of this sculpture? You have a chance to see it for yourself. This popular installation is situated in DC National Park. How does it look like? The statue is made of aluminum in form of a giant hand and a man’s face with a huge screaming mouth, staring from the ground. It looks really creative and a bit weird. Also, this is a favorite place for tourists to take photos.

The Awakening's new, underwhelming home


  1. Go to Frederick to visit Museum of Civil War Medicine

Do you usually feel bored when visit museums? You should go to see this one, especially when traveling with kids. The museum of medicine can’t be boring! You have a chance to learn many new things about the Civil War and how people got treatment at that time.

  1. Go to Washington to visit Crystal Grottoes

This is the right place to visit for nature lovers. You find the caves not far from Washington, about 40 minutes driving. The view is really beautiful! Also, traveling in summer, you have a chance to stop and cool off in the wet quiet caves.

  1. Go to Thurmont to see Transformer Sculptures

The huge statues of transformers are seen from everywhere year around! Each of them is about 40 foot tall. It can be interesting to make a stop along the maize fields and take some pictures with legendary robots.

The territory of Maryland is not very big. So, it doesn’t take much time to travel across the state. But if you are busy with something and have only a couple of days for traveling, you have to be grateful for small favors. Don’t worry, there are many worthy places to see alone the road.

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