TOP 5 Popular CAMPING CARS Your Family Will Appreciate

1 year ago
Lily B

The study is finishing up and the holiday season is coming closer and closer. Everyone loves it. Why shouldn’t you? This is a great chance to take the car from Payless car rental in Baltimore if you actually live in Baltimore or in the nearby state and go camping with your friends or family. What a great vacation is waiting for you this year! Now it is the time to find a good car, get on the road, and pack in as many events as possible. Where are you going then? Having a good camping car you can get closer to nature, sleep under the stars and forget about a five star hotel. How to make your trip even more comfortable? You should rent the right vehicle. This is your chance to get the most of your trip and pick a good car you can even sleep in.

Elk Neck State Park


  • Visit Elk Neck State Park

This is a beautiful territory with a plenty of hiking trails along the shoreline. Planning to camp here? Then, you’d better to go to the North East Loop. Also, this is the best place you can get to the Turkey Point Lighthouse from.

  • Visit Rocky Gap State Park

This is a very popular camping place so that you should book a camping spot beforehand. What makes it so popular? Of course, there is much to do except for admiring nature. Do you love sports? If so, you can go hiking, kayaking, SUP boarding along the river. The territory is filled with playgrounds for kids and small restaurants and cafes for snack.

  • Visit Cunningham Falls State Park

This is another popular place for camping. Just book a good place to put up the tent and get away from your problems. The park welcomes campers in April. You can come here in spring, summer or autumn for hiking, enjoying nature, and watching the biggest waterfall in Baltimore.

Lake Habeeb -- Rocky Gap State Park (MD) July 2016


  1. Take Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail can be your perfect companion. The car has enough space for your luggage. It is not a problem to load up all the sport equipment, including bikes, kayaks, tents, and even a family pet. How many passengers can you take with you? The car has seven seats. The raw of the back seats can fold flat into the floor when you need to sleep in the car. The price is affordable for such a smooth riding.

  1. Take Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy is a bit bigger and more practical than before. This is the perfect variant if you have more than 2 kids. Traveling with kids you need much space in the car for kids and for different tourist equipment. The car is taller and larger than a usual SUV. You can take 5 or 7 seater, depending on how many passengers you take. The seats are flexible, equipped with a special Easyfold system. This is how you can fold the seats to make some flat space to sleep in the car.

Volkswagen Touareg 2018

  1. Take Volvo V90

Volvo can be also a perfect camping vehicle. This giant car looks very stylish and wisely organized. Actually, you can try any of Volvo models. They all are good for camping and exploring the outdoors. There are special child seats and a large boot in the car. You can pack all the trip essentials, including a tent, a boat, and even a bike. Planning to sleep in the car or in the tent, don’t forget to take the sleeping bags.

Volvo V90

  1. Take Range Rover

How about renting a Range Rover? This is the best off-roading car. Nevertheless, it looks luxurious and multi-functional. No worries about your safety. You can even cross the river or climb up the mountains by car! The powerful engine is able to get you to the point of your destination in the fastest time.

  1. Take Volkswagen Touareg

Meet one of the best 4X4 camping cars! Americans like camping and they often take Volkswagen for their vacation. The car is luxurious outside and multifunctional and stylish inside. Whatever long distance you take, you will always feel comfortable in your car. Don’t forget that your car is large to park it somewhere at the restaurant entrance. Nevertheless, it is good enough to sleep in.

What is your favorite camping vehicle? Hope, you could find one with the help of Payless. Be creative but reasonable. Don’t go for any old car. Pick it depending on where you go and what you really need on the go. Remember that camping cars are always large and powerful, giving you enough space for your kids, pets, and other passengers. Also, you will have much space for all the tourist equipment or sports gear. Don’t forget about the emergency kit. Look through the cars listed above and pick one that suits you the most.

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