A Little Know-How About Shower Doors That You Need To Know

2 years ago
Justin Mark
Shower Doors

The bathroom is not only a room; it is a refuge and a necessity. Latest Bathroom trends have transformed the small, most ignored room into important spaces, furnished with an array of luxurious accessories.   Newly designed Bathroom designs include a selection of smart technologies designed to maximize comfort, sustainability, water-saving efficiency, and hands-free hygiene.

The idea of a glass door for the shower areas has gained popularity and now can be found almost in every household.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of professionals in the field providing you with endless choices and designs. There are many companies who provide Shower Doors Service in Miami FL thus giving a complete makeover to your washroom.

Below you will get to know different types of shower doors for your bathroom and you can select one depending upon your personal taste and style.

Framed Shower Door

Framed shower doors are usually made up of thin glass. They Use metal frames to hold up the shower doors to give it toughness. The main issue with framed shower doors is that they tend to hold water at the corners of the shower door where the metal framing meets the tile.

As a result, increasing the chances of growing bacteria and termites. It not only make your bathroom extremely unhygienic but also produce terrible odor. You might also have to face the problem of rusting as soapy water and hard water may get accumulated on the frames. Alas, making the maintenance of framed shower doors a daunting task. You have to be very careful and take extreme care about the framed shower doors so that they work properly in your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Door or Bypass Door

Sliding shower doors is a smart choice for bathrooms that are small and have limited space. They look trendy, appealing and classy when fitted on large showers cubicles. In order to operate, Sliding doors need tracks as they glide while opening and shutting.

Another name for sliding shower doors is “Bypass shower doors”.  You can also install sliding shower doors on a shower stall or above a bathtub.

Sliding shower doors are easy to use as they use a little space and the doors slide past each other. But sometimes sliding doors tend to create a problem as they may get off track. Paying proper attention to these doors can help you overcome the problem of off tracking. Before purchasing always check the quality of the sliding doors so that they can run for a long period of time.

Sliding shower doors come with an endless variety of choices like an aluminum frame and transparent or semi-transparent plastic or glass.

Folding Shower Door

Folding shower doors give your bathroom a unique look. They have only one panel which swings while opened on hinges and they do not require enough space to open outwards. You can swing them in one direction or in both directions. Folding shower doors are easy to clean and access as they are trackless.

Bi-fold Shower Door

For small space bathrooms, Bi-fold shower doors are the best solutions. They are easy to use as they have two panels and you can open it either inward or outward of the shower cubicle. By using bi-fold doors you can easily protect water from trickling onto the floor. You must do a proper cleaning of bi-fold shower doors in order to keep them in good working condition.

Frameless Shower Door

Frameless shower doors are the right choice for your bathroom if you desire a spacious look. Frameless shower doors tend to give your bathroom a smooth and well-furnished look thus enhancing the value of your house in order to give a stylish new look to your bathroom you must choose hardware of shower doors with chrome and brass finishes.

Frameless shower doors are not only easy to clean but also eliminate the problem of rusting and mildew growth as in case of framed shower doors. Although framed shower glass door is expensive, they are durable and have a long life as compared to the framed doors. Nowadays you can find many new, unique Frameless Shower Doors Designs in the market.

Swinging Shower Door

Swinging shower doors add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. While installing these doors, always check the position of the swing door that it should not touch the towel bars, sink or doorknobs. Swinging shower doors swing in both directions. They are the best choice for large bathrooms. The use of magnetic catches is advised to make the swinging doors more secure. You must use swing doors that open outward in the bathroom for small cubicles.

The shower enclosure you choose for your bathroom ultimately show off your personal personality and design style. You must select one keeping in mind your bathroom space and budget.


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