6 Ways Performance Reviews Will Help You Get More Business

2 years ago
Lucas H. Parker
6 Ways Performance Reviews Will Help You Get More Business

Every once in a while, every aspiring or already established company should have a performance review. Many businesses choose to do this annually, but it is advised to do it even more often, if possible. There are countless advantages to this approach. Not only will you get an insight into your employees’ performance and measure their input, but you will be able to set proper goals for them and strengthen relationships between the employees themselves. So, in turn, you will positively impact your business overall. Here are a couple of ways performance reviews can help you get more business:

Improved performance

Regular reviews are a great way to enhance performance in all the areas where it is needed. By analyzing every aspect of your working operations and your staff, you will get a glimpse into what needs to be improved or to what you have to pay attention to. Even though you might feel that sometimes you should replace a worker who is not contributing enough, it could prove more cost effective to analyze their work and see where the problem lies. Some studies even say that hiring a new employee could cost up to 20% of the annual pay. Thus, pinpointing problems and finding answers to them could prove to be a better solution!

More engaged employees

Now that you have analyzed and focused on the problems, you can shift your attention to your employees and see what you can do to improve the situation. By showing that you do not only expect them to change but that you are willing to make the changes yourself, you show excellent managerial skills. In turn, this will engage your workers more, making them feel that their concerns are not ignored. Engaged employees are the foundation of any company, and they could only help you in getting more business and increasing productivity. So, constant feedback and regular performance check-ups can make your employees feel more connected and understanding of a company’s goals and mission.

Established relationships and sense of loyalty

Running a team and having many responsibilities on a day to day basis can prevent you from having time to dedicate yourself to your employees or team members appropriately. That’s where performance reviews come in handy! Every once in a while, or at least once a year, you will dedicate your time solely for your staff, when you will have in-depth, meaningful conversations regarding their performance and their attitudes towards the job. This is a time when you will be open to listening to any complaints or suggestions, to reward them for a job well done, or let them voice their concerns about the work operations. Breaking down walls like this is an excellent way to strengthen loyalty towards your company, and to build and maintain relationships between you and your employees. And, as good as this is for the company morale, it’s even better for employee performance, as they will feel more invigorated to perform their tasks!

Time efficiency

Annual performance reviews were a standard over the last couple of years. However, even though it might sound odd, more frequent appraisals turn out to be more time efficient. When it comes to annual reviews, they simply do not let you have a proper insight into employee development or their engagement. To compensate this, managers try to do and accomplish as much as possible during this once-a-year event, making the employees dread and loathe it. And with such strong opposition to these reviews, results will probably not be viable. Annual performance reviews take up much time from everyone, while regular appraisals are shorter and more informative, thus making it easier to form a connection between employees and management. However, regular assessments cost more, so you should consider automating that process, which will help you save time and money in the long run. So, if you run a small or a medium company, you might consider using small or medium business management software.

Better goal clarity

It might come as a surprise to you, but many employees perform their daily tasks without ever being fully aware of what the company expects for them. Obviously, there are not many things that are as bad for the business like this one. Employees, who are not correctly informed about the company mission turn out to be underperformers and a lot less productive, After all, how could you expect someone to fulfill their goals when they’re not even aware of them? With regular performance reviews, you will be in a position to emphasize your company’s objectives, whether they are short-term or long-term. Even better, employees can contribute to establishing and clarifying the company’s goals, which can, in turn, make them feel proud, and subsequently more eager to work.

Identify the need for training

Regular reviews can help immensely in determining whether there’s a need for training in certain areas. So, even though your employees probably have some sort of training when they start working for your company, that doesn’t mean that there will be no more need for additional training. As in any other business, new approaches and strategies get implemented continuously, and performance appraisals are a guide that shows which staff members struggle the most and need additional training and instructions. Thus, if any of your employees struggle with new implemented tactics and strategies, you either might consider allowing them to train more in that area, or changing the approach altogether. Whichever you choose, it will result in a more productive and competent workforce.

It’s no secret that performance reviews are not the most fun of being a manager or a business owner. However, any successful entrepreneur or manager grasps the fact that employees are one of the most vital assets in today’s competitive market. This means that the company’s wellbeing and productivity are directly correlated with them. So, knowing and making sure that every employee is doing their job and contributing to the company goals is the best way to ensure that your business will be profitable and successful, and regular performance reviews can have an incredible impact on that!

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